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Ad Maiora - Mohair Yarn - Sky Blue

Ad Maiora - Mohair Yarn - Sky Blue

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This yarn is 100% New Zealand grown and processed.
80% Young Goat Mohair and 20% Fine Merino
3 ply worsted spun (not brushed), baby weight, perle, no 2 yarn
347m per 100g skein, approx.

COLOUR: Pink Marshmallow

GAUGE: 24 stitches to 10cm. However, this is a luxuriously soft, lustrous, fine and light yarn that can be worked at many different gauges. It produces lace-like items when large needles or hooks are used and super soft items at tighter gauges, suitable for baby garments or fitted clothing.

ABOUT US: We started building an Angora goat herd nearly a decade ago under the Ad Maiora brand. Ad Maiora is a Latin phrase, meaning “Towards Greater Things”. We bought goats from all over New Zealand in order to combine a variety of genetics. With meticulous selective breeding we managed to build a herd of good quality, award winning animals, showing major improvements in mohair characteristics and animal size (see attached photos).
However, good breeding only contributes to around a third to the quality of the fibre. The remaining two thirds are attributed to the health and general well-being of the animal. Our goats are well fed and taken care of, and in return they reward us with exquisite, award winning fleeces, which we then use to produce a variety of products for the craft industry (
We currently run a small herd of goats on our small 18ha farmlet.
Our products are trackable throughout the supply chain.

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